7 Tips for a Successful Blog

Blogging is easy, being a successful blogger is a bit more difficult. Below are some tips for becoming a successful blogger:

1. Understand your niche

Understanding your niche and audience is critical for a successful blog.

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2. Consistency is key

Consistency is key to becoming a successful blogger. Regardless of whether you are just starting out, or already have a large following, consistency is one of the most important rules to follow to have a successful blog.

3. Interact with your readers and other bloggers

To be a successful blogger, you should always interact with readers and other bloggers. Remember, blogging is a conversation so you should always respond to comments and suggestions from readers.

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4. Read more

It is essential to read about the topics you are writing on. Make sure to read other blog posts to get an idea of how you should compose your posts.

5. Be original

Making original and high-quality content is another crucial tip to become a successful blogger. Remember that your posts should be on current topics but also unique.

6. Write short posts

When it comes to blogging, less is more. Make sure to write short, quality posts that are easy for readers to digest. Reading a long article can frustrate readers. Make sure your posts are concise and get straight to the point.

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7. Quality over quantity

To be successful, make sure your you are posting quality posts rather than a higher amount of posts that aren’t helpful to your readers.

To your success…

5 thoughts on “7 Tips for a Successful Blog

  1. [ Smiles ] There has been a huge debate for years over whether or not bloggers should publish short posts.

    The main thing is understanding your audience. It is up to the blogger to know if their audience appreciates short posts.

    In my case, I cater for people who love to read long posts. The truth is, that there are people who enjoy reading long-form content.

    Also, search engines love long-form content too.

    I fully agree with the other pointers that you highlighted in your blog post!

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    1. Agreed but not without an argument as to whether long posts blogs are mostly successful. It all lies in someone’s chosen niche; there are some niche that require quite short posts while others might require longer posts. Nonetheless, the length of a post is determine by its purpose not just by the people that read it. For instance, most blogs that teaches people how to do stuffs have concise articles (mostly listicles) whereas blogs that tell stories of individuals, stuffs and events have mostly longer posts.
      Moreover, everybody love listicles. There is hardly one that doesn’t.

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      1. I will very much advise new bloggers to start with short posts as long posts take time to write. And since consistency is one of the rule to success, one would be more consistent writing short posts as they are easier and take less time to write. Thanks.


      2. [ Smiles ] Technology blogs are usually longer, since they are more tutorial-oriented.

        Also, there are blogs that specialise in blogging advice; they do long-form content; for example: Neil Patel’s blog and Ryan Biddulph’s blog.

        However, I will reiterate, that it all boils down to what your audience prefer; if they like short posts do not provide them with long posts and vice versa.

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