Blogging 101: Steps to creating that Successful Blog.

With the present unemployment rate, it’s obvious that people are looking for ideas that will make them earn money. But, a lot of people are looking for the easiest and quickest ways of making money both online and offline. No doubt, you could earn an impressive income from blogging but that’s only if you possessed the following:

  • Good Content to offer
  • An Audience

I will advise you not to venture into blogging if you lack the first one. As for the second one, you could get it overtime as you create good, meaningful content.


Welcome to our Newbie guide to blogging. Today I will show you how to create a successful blog in just few broken-down steps.

As I said earlier, don’t dare create a blog if you have nothing to offer. Create a blog only because you want to offer some impressive information or idea to your audience, do it for passion and fun; only then, would you see success; It’s a lesson I learnt the hard way. When you have nothing tangible to offer, you will end up plagiarizing other people’s work and that could land you into big problem. Worse is, you will waste your time, energy and even money without getting a dime.

An important rule to note!

Keep aside the urge of monetizing your blog at your initial stage; focus more on offering good content. Only then would the traffic come and then you can earn some good cash from your blog.

Now, the following are the steps in creating a blog:

  1. Choosing a Niche
  2. Creating your blog
  3. Targeting the right audience

Put it in your mind that these are the steps to creating your blog but each one of them could be broad and it can never be a day’s job even if you worked your ass up. So take your time to understand some features first.

A rule to note, even though one of your reason for creating a blog is to earn money from it, think less of it in the initial stage because when you realized that after a month or two you haven’t earn a penny (not even a Google Adsense certification on your blog), you might give up on your blog. But when you are driven by the passion, you will stay strong during the early stage. It’s a gradual process.

1.  Choosing a Niche

A niche is the topic or market which your blog is related to or discussing on. This could be:

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  • Sports (This could be further broken down to Basketball, Football, etc.)
  • Fashion (You can decide to take on men’s fashion or women’s fashion, etc.)
  • Online Marketing 
  • Lifestyle
  • Et cetera.

Choosing the right niche is one of the fundamental problems of blogging. A lot of bloggers are good writers but most don’t know what to write about. Choosing a hobby as your niche is the best choice but as most bloggers are focused on getting revenue before work, it always doesn’t turn out to be the right thing.

2. Creating your blog

So, after you have decided on your niche, all you need is to go ahead and create your blog. You have two platforms to create your blog on

Click on any of the above links to get you to the site of the blogging platform of your choice. But I will recommended WordPress because of how easy it is to set and they have a huge variety of themes (both free and premium). Blogger is cool but it less user-friendly and less great than wordpress.

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All you need is to sign up with them on either if you want WordPress to host your blog for you Or you can visit to download files to host with a hosting provider. c

Then, you will be required to purchase a domain name (e.g, click here to learn about domain names.

After you have bought and set up your domain name, all you need is to write contents related to your niche. As easy as this sounds, it is actually harder to consistently write very good contents unless you are very familiar with niche.

Don’t forget to

  • Do a lot of research on your niche even if you are very familiar with it already.
  • Write for the fun and passion instead of writing for money. Your passion will harness the money for you.

Finally, progress to getting your blog to your audience.


3. Targeting the right audience

Sincerely, the hardest part of owning a blog is getting people to see your posts. But it is not as hard as it seem with the appropriate knowledge. When you understand how targeting works, then you’ll be able to get the perfect traffic or audience for your blog.

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So, this is a summary but in order to know more click on the below links:


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