Online marketing 101; The Newbie guide to online marketing.

You must have probably heard about Online marketing and how some guys are making six figures through it; that’s not a scam. A lot of guys are earning 6 to 7 figures through online marketing. If you haven’t heard about Online marketing until now, you are still welcome to this article.


Hello, my name is Abdul-hafiz.

Today I’m going to show you how you can really earn a living from selling stuffs online. And if online marketing is not your niche, you can check out our other articles on

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Now, some people would say “I don’t have any product to sell!”. Never mind because you don’t need to as you can actually sell other people’s products to earn a commission. That is called affiliate marketing. This article tends to give more emphasis on affiliate marketing due to the fact that I have more knowledge on been an affiliate than on selling my stuffs. In fact, I haven’t sell any of my stuff yet.

What is online marketing?


Online marketing literally means the art of selling your products through the internet. It is also called internet marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

To understand affiliate marketing, one must first know the meaning of an affiliate.

An affiliate means a person who uses his energy and financial resources to sell other people’s product for a commission. The affiliate doesn’t pay a penny to purchase the product he is selling. In most cases, the affiliate doesn’t have access to the product; he only refers buyers to the sales-page of the product and his work stops there. The rest is left to the vendor.

Now, affiliate marketing is the process where the affiliate uses some already established platforms like a blog, social media, paid adverts, etc. to drive buyers to a vendor’s sales-page for a commission. In affiliate marketing, an affiliate gets paid a commission for any sale made through him. Commissions could be from 5% to a whooping 70% from product to product.

Sincerely, affiliate marketing requires a lot of work. The work is mostly in the driving of traffic. And sometimes you may end up getting the wrong traffic; that is, if you don’t understand how targeting works, conversions (that is the % of people that actually buy the products against people that click on the link or visit the sales-page) could be quite low. You may end up spending a lot of money without getting any tangible return. For a successful affiliate marketing career, you will require some tools like

Check out our Affiliate tools page for our recommended affiliate marketing tools.

According to Sam Bakker, you neeed only three things to run a succesful affiliate marketong business, they are

  • A product to sell
  • A strategy
  • And traffic

A product to sell


As said earlier, you don’t need your product to start an online marketing business because you can just sell other people’s product to get paid. You can check out the following websites to find products to promote for a commision:

  • JVzoo
  • Clickbank
  • CJ
  • Paykickstart
  • Amazon
  • Aliexpress
  • Konga
  • Rakuten
  • Jumia

In fact, there are a lot of sites that are offering affilitate partnership options. Just check out the bottom of a website and look for the partners or affiliates link.

Now you have to go for very good offers because one bad offer could get you to lose trust of your subscribers. When you lose trust, your subsribers may no longer buy through your links again. So be careful on the products you promote. I will very much recommend products from Promotelabs Inc. and Sam Bakker. They have quite useful products that are always trending and they provide swipes for easy promotion. You can simply check their affiliate page here.

A strategy


Most people get quite good products to sell but it always turns out that the competition is tight; there are usually lot of affiliates trying to sell that same awesome products and that is actually what made it awesome. So, uniqueness is just the only way to stand out. Having a unique strategy always gets you ahead of the competition. Most people’s strategy includes giving bonuses to buyers. But that’s just not enough as you need to stand out in the bonus you offer and the way you deliver your offers and bonuses. Check out JVZoo academy’s The Strategy by Sam Bakker.

If you are unsure what to do, you can simply purchase Commission Gorilla and use it to offer bonuses hassle-free. And you don’t need any coding or special skill for you to use this outsatnding tool.


This is usually the hardest part of any online marketing business. When sending traffic to your affiliate’s offers, you have to make sure you’re sending traffic that will actually convert not just some junk traffic from an unknown place in China. Even the Super affiliates always have difficulty sending high converting traffic. Be sure that a lot of people may visit your offers but few will actually shell out money on them. So higher does not usually translate to better. Sometimes even a quite small number of visitors tend to make more purchase. To understand the right strategy of getting the right traffic for your offers, check out Traffic Rebirth.

Now, all the above are just basics of affiliate marketing. And sincerely, there is more to affiliate marketing than just this due to the increasing number of affiliates. It’s challenging. Even though there are a lot of free tools out there to start your online marketing business, you will need premium tools for consistent income. Your first journey to online marketing should start with JVZoo Academy’s  The Strategy by JVZoo’s 7-figure and super affiliate, Sam Bakker.

You should then check out the following tools from Promote Labs Inc.

You can also check this other products at JVZoo:

So, that’s it on this article. If you have any question, suggestion or request, feel free to say it on the ‘Comment’ section below.

To Your Success.

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