Three ways to make money online.

The internet has great potentials; while some people use it to connect to family and friends and expand their social life, others are making huge amount of money from various activities in the internet. Most of the legit ways for making money online are quite easy to master but as it is with all things in life, success comes only to people that work hard and persevere; sometimes you will need a mentor to direct your steps to success. Below is my personal sketch of what you should expect when you want to be successful:

The following are the three ways I know (and I am sure of their legitimacy) of making money online:

Each of them has a comprehensive post. Just click on them and you’ll be taken to it.

Now, let me give you a brief on the above ways of making money online. Read below.

1. Taking surveys


Surveys are a sure way of making money online . Sincerely I’ve never made money from surveys but its a known fact that a lot of people make hundreds to thousands of dollars just answering surveys online.

A SURVEY is a collection of questions that gets people’s opinions on particular issues, products, policies etc. Manufacturers often craft surveys to find out people’s opinions on their products, its quality and how it is coping. They usually pay the people that partake in the surveys.

Check out How to make money from surveys for more.

2. Online marketing


The second and more lucrative way of making money online is through online marketing and this is how it works:

Online marketing is a system where vendors market and even sell their products online through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instragam or their blog or website or all. Sincerely the easiest way to sell your product is online because you are free from some costs you may incur when selling in a physical store.

Even if you don’t have a product you can still venture into online marketing. How? By selling other people’s products and this is known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a process where vendors sell their products through affiliates. The affiliates do all the marketing using all the platforms they have access to and they earn commission from any product someone purchased. Commissions could be from 1% upto 99%. Product – 15.6inch Intel Core i7 CPU 8GB RAM+240GB SSD+1TB HDD Built-in WIFI Bluetooth DVD-ROM Windows 7/10 Laptop Notebook Computer
A lot of people are making from 3 figures upto 7 figures through affiliate marketing.

Check out Online marketing 101 for more.

3. Blogging


As most of us know, blogging is an avenue of making money online but a fact to know is that more than 50% of bloggers don’t make a dime. These three things are what will make you be among the lucky few like Lindaikeji or Hovatek:

  1. Quality content
  2. Traffic
  3. Hardwork and perseverance

Blogging takes a lot of one’s time but nevertheless you can either blog part-time or full-time. You just need to post quality contents that are also unique and helping in a way.

Check out How to create a successful blog for more details on blogging.

So guys, this is just an introductory post on making money online. For a step-by-step explanation on all of these ways, check out their respective post below:

Thank you very much for reading.

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