How to sell recharge cards using your phone and make 5% profit from each card sold.

This is good news for recharge cards vendors and buyers alike. Grab this opportunity now and you could be turning in more profit than you had been doing before. Even if you don’t vend or sell cards, you will be happy to save some money from buying cards, won’t you?

No paper, all you need is an Android device; phone, tablet or any device that runs on Android and an active data.

How is that possible?

Top Up Africa is a recharge card vending Android application that lets you make 5% or more profit from each card bought through the app. You can sell all networks recharge cards on it whether Glo, Airtel, 9mobile and MTN. The app is mainly for selling recharge cards although it could be used for data purchase from Smile and Ntel, bills payment, TV subscriptions and a lot others.

Download the App here.

What can I do with Top Up Africa?

You can do alot of things on Top Up Africa app as follows:

  • Sell recharge cards of all network; MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile.
  • TV subsriptions; Gotv, DSTV and Startimes.
  • Data purchase; Ntel and Smile.
  • Bill payments; AEDC, Ikoyi PHCN, KEDC etc.
  • Fund transfer to all banks account and other Top Up Africa accounts.

Download the app here.

Do I need to register before using Top Up Africa?

Top Up Africa does not require you to register before using the platform. All you need is to download the application from here and insert your phone number and a password through the app. When your number has been verified , you can then go to the bank to credit your account with a minimum of 1000 naira. You can also credit your account using your ATM cards or using your bank’s internet banking platform. Then you can start selling whatever card you want.

You don’t need to insert your personal information. You also don’t need to get a bank account. All you need is your working phone number and an Android phone. That’s it.

Download Top Up Africa here

With Top Up Africa you will be sure to earn more money than paper recharge cards and with. Check out the advantages of Top Up Africa on paper recharge below:

Advantages of Top Up Africa over Paper recharge

  • With Top Up Africa, you do away with the papers. You don’t have to be scrambling through your purse or bag looking for the right recharge card to give a customer. It is frustrating. With an active data, all you need is to type the person’s phone number and amount of credit the person needs and voila. And everything works in seconds.
  • You can do away with the pin and get all the benefits that come with it. With Top Up Africa you can simply decide to transfer the credit to your customers’ phone and they wouldn’t need to insert all those frustrating pins.
  • You have a wide range of recharging options. As said earlier, you can choose to transfer the credit directly to your customer’s account and that aside comes the traditional way of recharging i.e. pin. With Top Up Africa you get an e-pin (electronic pin) sent directly to your customer’s phone through sms.
  • You are not confined to one network. The credit you have in your Top Up Africa account can be used for recharging all networks as against paper recharge which can only be used for one network. With paper you can’t use Glo card to recharge MTN or any other network and vice-versa. Top Up Africa clears the fear of having expired recharge cards since you can purchase any card you wished and when you wished.
  • You can also pay for bills and PayTv subcriptions. You don’t to use another card or account for bills and PayTv payments. With one account you can virtually pay for both bills and PayTv and still purchase recharge cards.
  • You can take out your money anytime you wished to quit and have no loss. Top Up Africa allows you to transfer money to your bank account or any other bank account from your Top Up Africa‘s account. This way you can decide to opt out anytime you wished.
  • You keep tab of all transactions done on Top Up Africa and be in a better picture of your business. See screenshot below:

Click this link to download Top Up Africa app.

These are few of the benefits you can get with Top Up Africa, for more information, you can contact me through the contact form on this blog or ask your questions on the comment box below.


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